1/8" Inch Graph Paper

1/8 Inch Graph Paper

Paper Size: Letter

Format: PDF

Page Size: 8.5" x 11"  -  ( 216 mm x 279 mm )

Layout: Portrait / Vertical

Color: Blue

Grid / Spacing: 3.18 mm / 0.32 cm / 0.125 inch - (1/8")

Download 1/8" inch grid graph paper PDF printable that can be conveniently printed at home. Students can use this template as worksheets for math equations. In addition, this graph paper with such small grids can be used for graphing and designing assignments.

Printable 1/8" inch Grid Paper

1/8 inch graph paper has a grid that is made up of 1/8 inch squares. This is ideal for math and other types of calculations. It can also be used for drawing and designing purposes.

This standard US letter size paper is 8.5x11 inch in size with a portrait orientation and blue vertical and horizontal lines.

More Graph Paper Templates

If you are looking for bigger squares or medium sized squares, make sure to check these out ...

1/8" Inch Graph Paper

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